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Located at the intersection of postgenderism and transhumanism, Marcela’s work is a personal journey informed by the constraints of their own body and mind. They attempt to explore and question their idea of gender, health and fitness through digital re-embodiment and re-worlding.

Marcela creates instinctive and poetic 3D rendered animations with variations of themselves as enhanced, self made and evolved digital beings for the purpose of taking distance from their body and their experience of depression, gender dysphoria and chronic illness in order to achieve introspection and relief. They investigate their longing for a gender ambiguous but fit and masculine appearing body while also questioning whether their desire for a masculine aesthetic is a result of genuine identification or a byproduct of internalised misogyny.

They approach their work in a therapeutic way while portraying the idea of rejection and acceptance of certain anatomical parts through animated extrusions that signify their own body’s discomfort but also investigating the possibility for self-acceptance and reconciliation of mind and body.

By creating this virtual re-worlding and re-embodiment they are also looking to challenge the need for physical presence in a world that is increasingly experienced online.

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London based artist, Marcela Baltarete, works predominantly with 3D modelling and animation softwares as well as film editing software to create their short rendered 3D animation films while also incorporating VR and AR in the process of informing and developing their work. Originally they started  exploring the human body's transformative capabilities through the manipulation of fabrics and materials with the help of sculptural laser cutting techniques as well as using 3D modelling software for generating patterns that would act as extensions of the body. Later, they moved entirely onto the digital space after becoming uncomfortable working with the physical human body, a discomfort that was triggered by their own feelings of gender dysphoria, depression and chronic illness, all of which informed the narrative of their current work.

They graduated from their MA at the Royal College of Art in 2020 and since then their work has been exhibited at ARTHIVE, Labelhood Market, Shanghai. Marcela's work has been highlighted alongside digital artists and designers in the initial issue of Version Magazine as well as being featured by Grazia UK, WWD, Love Magazine, BFC, Dazed, Dezeen, Dasthe Art and PAGE Magazine .

Selected Exhibitions & Events:

Art200 - Our Queer Home, Alert Studio, Bucharest (2020); Arthive, Labelhood Market, Shanghai (2020);  NOoF, Heuvel Galerie 184, Eindhoven (2020); Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, Jerusalem (2021); Nederland's Film Festival - Boundaries of Being, Utrecht (2021), Expo 2020, UK Pavillion, Dubai(2022) 


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